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Did you know that having trees around your property in Perth can save you money?


While trees are the number one source for oxygen on the planet many people do not recognise that they can have other uses as well. In fact by planting trees you will find that you can actually wind up reducing your heating costs in the winter and your cooling costs in the summer. The cost to heat your home every year keeps going up as does the electricity needed to keep your home cool during the summer time. Planting trees in Perth around your property can in fact end up cutting back on the energy you require to heat and cool your home.


Something you need to be aware of is that during the summer months most homes wind up having their air conditioner running constantly in order to keep it cool to ensure that they are comfortable. And with the cost of electricity going up every single year this can end up costing you more and more. Those who have trees on both the west and east sides of your home that the sun won’t be beating on your house as much and this will in fact result in less energy needed to keep your home cool. Obviously when you don’t need to leave your air conditioners running all of the time you’ll obviously be cutting back on the electricity you use every month.


Trees end up having a beneficial effect on the amount of heat you need to create in your homes in the winter. Something to mention is that if you have deciduous trees, when winter comes around all the leaves begin falling off of the trees which means the sun is going to be able to shine through and begin getting to your home. Needless to say yet another benefit of the trees even without their leaves would be the fact that this is going to act as a wind barrier, decreasing the amount of cold air that’s being blown into your house through tiny cracks. I’m sure you can understand how this can wind up decreasing the amount of energy you will need to heat your home in the wintertime.


Many people do not understand how to choose the correct trees for their house. The team at Instant Tree Nursery can help you with this. Give them a call or visit their nursery or check out their FAQ for growing trees in Perth.


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